First Post

Sat 25 August 2012    Category Misc.

Welcome to my new blog.

Back when the grass was still green, my first blog was powered by Wordpress, which, because I disliked the code, I later ditched for Serendipity. This, too, felt unpleasant after a while, because I had to struggle with the ordering of plugins way too much.

Blogofile, had tried to use and patch version 0.8 — well, I still am not in the mood to elaborate further on this topic…

Finally, this blog now is powered by Pelican. It had been my second choice, because I had liked to run the blog in Python 3.2, which is not yet possible with Pelican, but the code feels good and is easily patched. Furthermore, Pelican already contains features I had tried to add to blogofile, like compiling LESS CSS, and — the community is alive and courteous.

In my spare time I have started to port Pelican to Python 3.2. More on that, and on some other pet projects, which initially were the cause to revive my blog, will follow.